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Virtual Lessons

Payment Options

Lesson Length

30 minutes

60 Minutes

Full Payment

(Includes Registration Fee)



Registration Fee

+ 9 Installments

$45 + $47.78 x 9

$45 + $78.11 x 9

Tuition covers 32 lessons in the academic year. Please note that each installment is not payment for that month's lessons, but rather 1/9th of the total tuition. Installment options are available as a payment convenience, and registration is a commitment to the full academic year. We allow withdrawals any time during your first two weeks of lessons; the no cancellation policy goes into effect at the start of the 3rd lesson.

We accept credit/debit cards and checks. If paying by check, please submit the registration fee dated for the date of registration, and submit 9 checks post-dated for the first of each month, from August-April. All checks must be submitted for registration to be considered complete. 

Make checks payable to :  Musical Beginnings

                                             P.O. Box 1748

                                             Point Clear, AL. 36564

Further payment instructions are available on the registration form. 

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